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Washington School Update, Boulder Colorado

Contributor Shawn Coleman reports – So what has happened this year so far:

Objectively: Almost nothing. The school district still has not sold it’s asset; the private entity has not finalized a financially viable project that provides a community benefit; the neighborhood does not feel secure in the future of their neighborhood character. But the historic school building is still standing, so the city’s objective of historic preservation has so far been satisfied.

Subjectively: Quite a lot has happened. Through numerous meetings between various groups we have learned that: people on all sides of this debate are by and large, reasonable, intelligent, thoughtful and fun individuals with several valid points; as well, folks on all sides of this debate have made assumptions about which they are completely wrong.

Actually that’s all that has happened. Editorially I commend the citizen effort. Whenever people get mobilized and organized to protect their community it is a net gain for the public process. It is my hope that these citizens retain the activist spirit beyond this issue and continue to be informed and voice their opinions on city matters.

I also commend Jim Leach, his staff and the co-housing community. Continue Reading »

Communikey Logo

There is an Electronic Arts Festival in Boulder over Earth Day weekend! Interested in learning more about it and it’s organizers (Communikey), I contacted Lauren Higgins Communikey’s Sustainability Director:

Communikey is a collective of multimedia artists, musicians and promoters, who collaborate to create forward thinking electronic arts environments, showcasing international and local talents. Communikey events provide a creative forum for the Boulder community to explore advanced electronic music and digital arts in an intimate setting, while gaining exposure to the global organism that is new media.

The Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts aims to expose new digital media to local communities and global enthusiasts alike. Seven main performances will showcase creativity in the form of visual art and music by diverse artists from around the globe. Continue Reading »

Double Decker Bus, BoulderSpace and Sorbe Living - Boulder, ColoradoGreat day at the bus!!! We’d like to thank our guest contributors today, and all who stopped by to check out the BoulderSpace double-decker bus. It was fun to connect with everyone and hear different perspectives and ideas about Boulder’s design and development.

We invite our community at large to contribute to this blog, and be part of the discussion. It is our vision to help facilitate a community-wide voice that reveals Boulder’s lifestyle and evolution. Join us in educating one another through opinions and feedback from the best observers and teachers in any community could ask for . . . the people in our neighborhoods.

We’ll back at Moto next Friday between 10 am and 2 pm, so please stop by!

TrailerWrap Project

Another guest contributor from the bus, Caroline Chang:Double Decker Bus, BoulderSpace and Sorbe Living - Boulder, Colorado

Through the University of Colorado’s Architecture and Planning school, students turned a downtrodden, unlivable trailer – located on Folsom & Valmont into one of Boulder’s architecturally advanced homes. The project, TrailerWrap, was completely designed and built by the students of CU Boulder. Resembling much of the prefabricated and modular homes seen popularly throughout the world – with styles similar to Soren Korsgaard and Santiago Calatrava, this collaborative project just received its certificate a couple months ago and now on the market. By looking at pictures, the trailer offers a very clean, modern but minimalist look. To see before/after pictures, drawings, and the finished product, please visit: TrailerWraphttp://trailerwrap.net

Double Decker Bus, BoulderSpace and Sorbe Living - Boulder, ColoradoBlogging live from the bus, here is Chris Davis:

How fun is this? I’m sitting in a red english bus typing you a blog entry.

So we have Boulder housing currently at $400 per square foot. How can we get it cheaper for the next generation? All those gray-hairs living in boulder since the 1970s bought their houses for $100K. We’re screwed. But we’re humble and willing to compromise. We’re super interested in living efficiently and communally (up to a point). Ever heard about co-housing? You better read up about co-housing. Google it, bro. So, how about we welcome folks into Boulder if they legally promise to live car-free, less traffic, less parking, less etc etc etc. A much lower impact. Can we give them a financial break? Can we build them a space without car parking. Can Washington School be more affordable and greener with completely car free residents?? Yes. And this is something the city should be able to get behind. In the big picture, the financials work. Interested in discussing more? Send me an email at chris xyd at yahoo. Or see you at one of the boulder space events.

U Racks - Bike Rack Design, Boulder Colorado

The Bike Rack Competition is a great idea, and I hope that it will generate some practical designs that can meet the city’s specifications. Presently, most bike racks are OK for parking one or two bikes, but don’t efficiently accommodate multiple bikes without the interlocking of handlebars and/or pedals, often resulting in some amount of damage and an unsatisfactory bike parking experience. For daily commuters to choose cycling as their main means of transportation, it is important that there is a ready availability of easy to use, tangle-proof bike racks throughout the city. For incipient cyclists, better bike racks alone would go a long way toward encouraging them to start riding to work or on errands knowing that bike parking will be safe and hassle-free. Continue Reading »